The People's Choice
The Peoples Choice in Local Government in Christchurch New Zealand

Environment Canterbury Candidates

The People’s Choice Candidates for Ecan

Meet our ECan team who have a vision for Canterbury’s natural environment and public transport future.

Christchurch is divided into four wards, with two seats in each ward:

Christchurch Central-Ōhoko Christchurch North East-Ōrei Christchurch South-Ōwhanga Christchurch West-Ōpuna
Not sure where you are - here is a link to the Map


Nicole Marshall and Paul McMahon are standing for ECan in the Christchurch Central-Ōhoko Ward

Paul’s email Nicole’s email


Jenny Hughey and Iaean Cranwell are standing for ECan in Christchurch North East-Ōrei
Jenny’s email Iaean’s email


James Macbeth-Dann and Phil Clearwater are standing for ECan in Christchurch South-Ōwhanga.
James email Phil’s email


Craig Pauling and Dr Chrys Horn are standing for ECan in Christchurch West-Ōpuna.
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