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People's Choice Regional Council Announcement

TPC Regional Council Announcement

The People’s Choice is pleased to announce a strong and diverse team of candidates for the 2019 Environment Canterbury elections. 

They will run on a platform of change at the Environment Canterbury table to protect Canterbury water and invest in a step change in public transport.

People’s Choice chair Keir Leslie says “It’s great have such a strong team of candidates who have the skills and the experience to shake up a Regional Council that isn’t delivering. Only a strong team who can take control and move the culture at ECan will get us the change we need.”

The candidates will be Paul McMahon and Anthony Rimell in Ōhoko - Central, Jenny Hughey and Iaean Cranwell in Ōrei - North-East, James Dann and Phil Clearwater in Ōwhanga - South, and Craig Pauling and Chrys Horn in Ōpuna - West.

Paul McMahon, Regional Council candidate in the Ohoko-Central ward, says “We hear concerns ECan isn’t listening to people and isn’t taking their concerns seriously, across everything from water bottling to public transport cuts. It’s not good enough – I’m standing as part of a team that listens and takes community concerns on board”. 

Ōrei - North-East candidate Jenny Hughey says ““We have a strong team ready to accept the challenge to make a gigantic turnaround in the way we use water and think about water - there is no time to lose to make a transformational change.”

Ōpuna – West candidate Craig Pauling says “Along with Ieaen Cranwell, I’m proud to be bringing a Ngāi Tahu perspective to the People’s Choice campaign and hopefully to the Council table. This election is crucial with a return to full democracy, our increasing cultural awareness, as well as the precarious state of our waterways and indigenous bio-diversity”

James Dann, Ōwhanga – South. says “We come from diverse backgrounds but we share a concern about getting the regional council back on track, and that means real action on public transport. We need a conversation about rapid transit options like light rail and this is the team that can lead that conversation”.

The Labour-aligned People’s Choice is a group of Labour and community independents who share progressive and environmental values.

For further comment contact Keir Leslie (027 309 33 33)